"TED Talk"

"TED Talk"
11 May 2018 17:02 | Visited: 352

   On May 3rd , 2018 Kamala Ahmadli, the young teacher of the Language School delivered a speech called “ Everyone Has a Kid Inside” that belongs to the series of Ted Talk. Kamala Ahmadli explained the notion of subconscious inner child, its influence on our soul and how it makes our life colorful by illustrating interesting photos. In the end, her colleagues continued the discussion with feedbacks. 


   On the 4th of May, the instructor Turkan Aliyeva delivered a TED Talk on the theme of “How to Raise a Happy Child”. She noted that nowadays the roles of parents and children have changed; however, the aim of raising a happy child has not changed.  She has also stated that as parents, we all want the same thing for our kids: to grow up to love, to be loved, to follow their dreams, and to find success. Miss Aliyeva emphasized some points that parents must be careful about, namely helping kids reveal their real personality, making them feel connected, and praising the effort rather than the result. Finally, discussions about the topic were held. 



Chinara Huseynli, the instructor of the School of Languages has delivered a Ted talk called “What life teaches us” on April 30th, 2018.  During the young instructor’s speech, she had a memorable speech about what we can learn from life, how we can struggle with the difficulties that we come across in our life based on her personal experiences. In the end, there was exchanging of ideas realized by other instructors. 





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