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The Exam Leaders

    After the fall midterm exams in the School of Languages, hold on 16.11.2018, there were defined some students scored high points in  reading and writing, listening and speaking exams. Here is the list of those who advanced in exams:  1. Aliyev Mahammad, chemical engineering, A1-9, listening and speaking-97 points. 2. Mammadov Ilkin, accounting and auditing, A1-5, listening and speaking-100 points; reading and writing - 94 points. 3. Zohra Ismayilova, information technology, A1-10, listening and speaking - 94 points; reading and writing - 95 points. 4. Musa Yusifzade, accounting and audit, A1-5, listening and consulting - 98 points; reading and writing - 96 points. 5. Ferec Kerimov, state municipal administration, A1-6, reading and writing - 97 points. As the School of Languages staff, we congratulate all the students with the coming  New Year and World Azerbaijanis' Salutatory Day and wish them health and success in their lessons and high achievemen read more »

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Current Process at The School of Languages

                                           School of Languages applies active learning methods. The students demonstrate their knowledge and skills on their language level. They attend conversation clubs to lead a discussion on any topic for improving their knowledge of  English. To get better results in exams, improve their language skills, and implement internal and external activities are their targets.     Considering all above-mentioned points, the personnel of the School of Languages always support the students and do their best in instructing them. read more »

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"TED Talk"

   On May 3rd , 2018 Kamala Ahmadli, the young teacher of the Language School delivered a speech called “ Everyone Has a Kid Inside” that belongs to the series of Ted Talk. Kamala Ahmadli explained the notion of subconscious inner child, its influence on our soul and how it makes our life colorful by illustrating interesting photos. In the end, her colleagues continued the discussion with feedbacks.       On the 4th of May, the instructor Turkan Aliyeva delivered a TED Talk on the theme of “How to Raise a Happy Child”. She noted that nowadays the roles of parents and children have changed; however, the aim of raising a happy child has not changed.  She has also stated that as parents, we all want the same thing for our kids: to grow up to love, to be loved, to follow their dreams, and to find success. Miss Aliyeva emphasized some points that parents must be careful about, namely helping kids reveal their real personality, mak read more »

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"TED talk"

   Gunel Eyyubova, one of the teachers at School of Languages, gave a TED talk on 27 April,2018. Her topic was on happiness and the tittle of the presentation had been named as “What brings me real happiness?”. She shared “BBC Real Happiness Project” results and her personal opinions and experiences with the audience during her inspirational speech. She ended her 30 minutes talk with a motivational video. Watchers gave a feedback and they appreciated her presentation highly.      On April 27th, 2018, a Ted Talk was delivered by Gunel Bayramova, the teacher at School of Languages. Her topic involved information about different types of student personalities and the ways to deal with them. She conducted her speech by sharing her own experience and providing the audience with various types of examples. At the end of the Ted Talk, teachers expressed their impressions and thoughts about the speech by giving feedbacks.       read more »

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“TED Talk”

     On 22nd of April, 2018, the young teacher Nurlana Akhundova delivered a presentation on the topic of “From depression to determination” from the chains of TED Talks.  She shared her personal experience and gave theoretical information about the depression. She informed the colleagues about the statistics of people who suffer from depression in Azerbaijan and in the world. Stating the facts that depression can afflict anyone at any age, from childhood to late in life, Miss Akhundova suggested some tips to cope with this psychological pain. At the end of her speech, discussions with the staff were held relating to the topic.        On April 24th, 2018, a young teacher Parvina Karimova delivered a ted talk of “Dale Carnegie and Self –Improvement”. On her speech she emphasized the role of Dale Carnegie’s book "How to Win a Friend and Influence People" non her life and career based on personal experience read more »

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Midterm Exams

On Aril 12th and 13th, 2018 the School of Languages led midterm exams on Listening & Speaking  and Reading & Writing. The procedure length  altered via 50, 80, and 90 minutes based on the type and level of the exam. read more »

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TED Talk

The School of Languages has led expressive, smooth, coherent Ted talks of the instructors in English. Samira Guliyeva, a young intrctor, delivered her Ted speech about “The Time Management”on February 15th, 2018. She deliberately detailed how to manage the time,  and the way it effects on a day, month, and year. Later, the participant instructors made their assumptions on the theme. The young instructor Asmar Shabanova had a Ted talk of “The Definition of Colours” on April 6 th, 2018. Clarifying the impact of colours on daily life and coherence, she managed to focus the participants’ attention on the topic that was later followed by general discussion of the staff. On April 13th, 2018 Chinara Guliyeva delivered a Ted speech on the theme of “The Secrets of a Happy Marriage”. Her oration was mainly based on the principal ascpects of the firm marriage ties; thus, the speaker submitted the instructors into a marriage matter quiz. The present read more »

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Baku Enginering University organized a fesitivity of Novruz holiday

  The teacher-student staff of BEU took part at the open air Novruz festivity on March 16th. The School of Languages teachers’ board led by docent Atraba Gul participated at the ceremony. The university staff was congratulated by chancelor prof. Havar Mammadov, who delivered a speech on the theme stating the national values, traditions, and beliefs on the base of Novruz. Moreover, the School of Languages itself organized a refreshing party in connection with the event. Director, docent Atraba Gul and vice director Yaqut Movsumova  were honorable participants of the party. read more »

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The event of the “March 31 Genocide” was held at Baku Engineering University

   On March 29th was held an event in connection with the 100th anniversary of the “March 31 Genocide” at Baku Engineering University.. The leaders, professor –teacher staff, and the students of the university, a deputy, the chairman of the Azerbaijan Press Council administration board, the chairman of the Journalists’ Colleagues union, Mushfiq Alesgerli, PhD in history, the chief editor of the “East”(Sharq) newspaper, Akif Ashirli, took part at the conference. The event began with remembering the genocide victims and performing the state anthem.  Next, there was displayed a documentary film dedicated to the massacre factors. The film preceded the speech of the chancellor of Baku Engineering University, Havar Mammedov, which sustained the event to be followed by the guests mentioned earlier.    Moreover, on that day, the first lessons at the School of Languages began with remembering the victims  and being informed of t read more »

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“Brain Ring”- an intellectual competition

     An intellectual competition “Brain Ring” was held among the teachers in the School of Languages on January 27, 2018. The competition was oriented by Kamala Ahmadli and Nurlana Akhundova, the organizers of the event. Seven teams “Sirius, “GPA”, “Queen Bee”, “Shine”, “Integrity”, "Lions" and “Initiators” joined the competition to expose their intellect, while three of them got a pass to the final stage. After the strenuous rival, “Integrity” was announced the winner and thus  the individuals were rewarded with various prizes.   read more »



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