Səviyyə 4

Level 4 writing topics for Mid-term examination

Sub-questions and prompts are clues for brainstorming about the topics

 You must also write down your opinions and examples about the topics

 1.       Holidays in Azerbaijan (national or religious holidays)

2.       Dancing (folk dances in Azerbaijan or any kind of dance which is worldwide popular)

3.       Cars. Describe the car or cars you like most. What cars could we see in Azerbaijan?

4.       Describe a dream country you would like to visit or a utopia

5.       An usual hobby you have or somebody has

6.       What does freedom mean to you?

7.       An unusual vacation you have had or you would like to have

8.       Weddings in Azerbaijan (pre-wedding, wedding, and after-wedding customs)

9.       The ideal student. What are the best traits that a student must have?

10.   Describe A dream house you have visited or would like to visit

11.   A popular destination for visiting in Azerbaijan or throughout the world.

12.   Describe your favorite place to relax

13.   Describe your most admired person (background, physical appearance, character, hobbies and, your opinions about him or her.

14.   Write about a recipe. Write down all ingredients and how to cook it. And people’s feelings and thoughts about it. Where is it popular and why?

15.   What preparations should you do from the beginning of the journey till end of the journey?

16.   Do you think that people should use bicycles into town? Why?

17.   Compare Golf and Tennis using Block-style?

18.   Compare studying abroad and in your own country using point-by-point-style.

19.   Compare action movies and romantic movies

20.   Advantages and disadvantages of living in a village.