Səviyyə 3


                                  Level 3 Writing topics for Mid-term examination

                                  Sub-questions and prompts are clues for brainstorming about the topics

                                  You must also write down your opinions and examples about the topics


  1. Should teachers be understanding when the students don’t complete their assignment, and when they are late for the class? Why? Give specific reasons and examples.
  2. Should people send congratulation messages for holidays and special days? Why? What messages are popular in your country
  3. Have you ever seen a traffic accident? Can you describe it? Reasons and results of it.
  4. Describe problems you have with your family and friends.
  5. Describe problems you have with your teachers, lessons (classes), and studying.
  6. What problems do you have when you want to express your feelings and ideas?
  7. Do you think that language classes should be more interesting for students? How? (coursebook, writing, communication)
  8. Write about problems in your city where you are living right now.
  9. Do you believe in aliens? Why? Do you think that they are dangerous?
  10. Write about a coincidence which you have experienced
  11. Write about a strange experience you have had.
  12. Write about a funny story which is also a cautionary story in your country.
  13. Do you believe in ghosts? Why? Who are they? Do you know any people who have seen any ghosts? Tell the stories they are saying.
  14. Why did you choose your university? Do you like it? Why?
  15. Write about an important mistake you have made. What was it? Why did you make it? How did you feel after you had made it?