Səviyyə 2

Level 2 Writing topics for Mid-term examination

Sub-questions and prompts are clues for brainstorming about the topics

You must also write down your opinions and examples about the topics

1.        Part-time jobs and university life (part­-time jobs in Azerbaijan and in the world, part-time jobs for males and females. Advantages and disadvantages of part-time jobs while studying)

2.        Giving and receiving presents (when do people and you usually give and receive presents in your country and in the world?  Why? How do you feel when you give presents and receive presents? What presents do you give and receive?

3.        Having pets. Why do people have pets? Should people have pets?  Advantages and disadvantages of having a pet?  What animals do people have as a pet and why?

4.        The internet. How often do Azerbaijani people and you use it? Why do you use the internet?  Advantages and disadvantages of using the internet.

5.        Advantages of learning a second language as a foreign language. Why do people learn a foreign language?

6.        A summer vacation place. Where is it? Describe it. Why people like it?

7.        Describe your kitchen. What are in the cabinets? Can you cook any meals?

8.        Describe your favorite city. Population, nature, and people.

9.        Describe your best teacher.  Why do you like him or her?

10.      Describe a hotel you stayed or a hotel you know. Amenities of the hotel.

11.      Describe your house or apartment you are living.

12.      A winter vacation place. Where is it? Why do people and you prefer it?

13.      Best friend. Why do you choose it as a best friend? Describe his or her physical appearance, character, and hobbies.

14.      A popular meal in your country. What Ingredients does it have? Write down how to prepare and cook it.

15.     Learning responsibility.  How can people learn to be responsible? Do you think that you are a responsible person?